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In an attempt to break the record of the number of units collected in the last blood drive which yielded 95 units, AUBites flooded into West Hall, Auditorium A, on March 24th 2010, to donate blood as part of the BDIC’s (Blood Donation Infor­mation Center) activities to raise awareness about the benefits of being a donor and providing blood to the needy.

The LRCC members at AUB, on the other hand, got busy with welcoming the donors, filling out the forms, and preparing them to donate their blood. The actual donation process, however, was done under supervision of AUBMC staff. The scene was fulfilling, one that you couldn’t get tired of. It is a personification of Humanitar­ian values; generosity, devotion, and commitment to making a difference in this world. About 50 donors gave blood between 9 am and 4 pm in the 5th Blood Drive during this Academic year of 2009-2010. Although it might not compare to last Blood drive, it’s still a notable effort that must be praised, and expressing grati­tude is the least we could offer to donors, LRCC members, and AUBMC staff.

The Lebanese Red Cross Youth Club at AUB is plan­ning to have the next Blood Dona­tion Campaign next month, and hopes that I will witness the same level of enthusiasm from AUBites as before, or even higher.

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