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  1. Almedawar MM. Lebanon participates in WHO-EMRO fat elimination and salt reduction workshop. Radioactive Medical Student Newsletter, American University of Beirut Medical Center. Volume 1. Issue no 1. February, 2014
  2. Lebanese Red Cross Club Newsletter – AUB:
    – Spring 2010 2nd Issue Page 1: “Blood donation Information Center
  3. FHS SRC Newsletter – AUB:
    – Spring 2011 Issue : “Lab Safety and Hygiene, An option or a must?
    – Spring 2012 Issue : “FHS SRC Elections: Winds of Change!
  4. American University of Beirut Campus Yearbook – Volume 37 (No Soft Copy Available, you can find a Hard Copy in AUB West Hall, Beirut, Lebanon)
  5. The American University of Beirut – Nature Conservation Center (AUB-NCC):
    – Newsletter #31: “Editorial: Our Stories


  1. Lebanese Action on Salt and Health Activity Report 2012-2014 (Report summary)
  2. Outlook Newspaper – The Independent Student Publication since 1948 at the American University of Beirut: Annual Activity Report 2010-2011. Pages 41-48

Newspaper Articles (Outlook Newspaper):

  • Volume XLIV
    Issue 1: Outlook: The Odyssey of Online Exposure
    Issue 5: FHS SRC: Approachable, Available and Responsible
    Issue 5: Third AUB Annual ‘Fit-A-Thon’
    Issue 5: AUB Friendship Sports Tournament’s opening basketball game
    Issue 5: Out Loud – What do you think of the SRC Elections and what are your expectations of them?
    Issue 5: A stench of life
    Issue 10: Facing the elephant in the room
    Issue 11: This isn’t goodbye


  • Volume XLIII
    Issue 3: Conservation of biodiversity at its best: protecting the flora
    and the fauna
    Issue 3: A social leap into cyber slavery
    Issue 4: October special employment day; Opportunities prevail for Lebanese and International students alike
    Issue 5: Real-estate Investigation around Beirut; Where will we live next year?
    Issue 7: Ta3a Ne7ke Ibsar discusses language and social networking
    Issue 10: Ta3a Ne7ke with Ibsar; Western or Alternative medicine?
    Issue 11: End of life care: to care is to dare! Ethics matter initiative at AUB-FM
    Issue 12: Yet another fruitful collaborative blood drive by Red Cross and AUB-MC staff!
    Issue 13: Ta3a Ne7ke with Ibsar; The destruction of lebanon’s nature, who’s responsible? The media, environmentalists, or the government?
    Issue 13: The truth about cats
    Issue 14: USFC are yet to meet once this fall; A demand for real politics
    Issue 14: Finals week from an MLSPian point of view!
    Issue 17: Ibsar holds open poster forum
    Issue 18: A Faculty Far Away from AUB
    Issue 20: A trashed civilization?
    Issue 21: Freeing the people of Libya?
    Issue 27: Immortalized by a Photo; Graduating Students flock to the Spring photo-shoot to leave their stamp in AUB history
    Issue 31: Half a dozen families


  • Volume XLII
    Issue 12: Pedro AlModovar, “Talk To Her”/ “Hable Con Ella” movie
    Issue 12: Band Review – Opeth
    Issue 13: Our AUB varsity teams need fans and audience AUB’s environmental portal: IBSAR
    Issue 15: Amro Moussa talks to AUB students and Faculty about the Middle East
    Issue 16: Book Review – The Health Kitchen
    Issue 17: Plans to improve student’s lives at AUB: improved GPA, Curriculum shift, and scholarships
    Issue 18: Band Review – Blend


  • Volume XLIV – Issue 7, 17, 20, 21, 30, 31
  • Volume XLIII – Issue 11,12