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Original research

  • Isma’eel HA, Almedawar MM, Breidy J, Nasrallah M, Nakhoul N, Mouneimne Y, Nasreddine L, Zgheib NK, Abiad M, Tamim H. Worsening of the cardiovascular profile in a developing country – the Greater Beirut Area Cardiovascular Cohort (GBACC). Global Heart 2018 Apr 28. pii: S2211-8160(18)30054-1.
  • Al Hariri M, Elmedawar M, Zhu R, Jaffa MA, Zhao J, Mirzaei P, Ahmed A, Kobeissy F, Ziyadeh FN, Mechref Y, Jaffa AA. Proteome profiling in the aorta and kidney of type 1 diabetic rats. PLoS One. 2017 Nov 9;12(11):e0187752.
  • Isma’eel HA, Cremer PC, Khalaf S, Almedawar MM, Elhajj IH, Sakr GE, Jaber WA. Artificial neural network modeling enhances risk stratification and can reduce downstream testing for patients with suspected acute coronary syndromes, negative cardiac biomarkers, and normal ECGs. The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging. 2015 Dec; 31 (8) :1–10
  • Isma’eel HA*, Almedawar MM*, Harbieh B, Alajaji W, Al-Shaar L, Abchee A, Hourani M, El-Merhi F, and Alam S. Quantifying the impact of using Coronary Artery Calcium Score for risk categorization instead of Framingham Score or European Heart Score in lipid lowering algorithms. Journal of the Saudi Heart Association. 2015; 27:234–243 *Co-first authors with equal contribution
  • Isma’eel HA, Sakr GE, Almedawar MM, Fathallah J, Garabedian T, Bou Zein Eddine S, Nasreddine L, and Elhajj IH. Artificial neural network modeling using clinical and knowledge independent variables predicts salt intake reduction behavior. Cardiovasc Diagn Ther. 2015 Jun; 5(3):178-185
  • Nasreddine L, Akl C, Al-Shaar L, Almedawar MM, Isma’eel H. Consumer Knowledge, Attitudes and Salt-Related Behavior in the Middle-East: The Case of Lebanon. Nutrients. 2014 Nov; 6(11):5079-5102
  • Sibai AM, Tohme RA, Almedawar MM, Itani T, Nohra EA, Isma’eel HA. Lifetime cumulative exposure to waterpipe smoking is associated with coronary artery disease. Atherosclerosis. 2014 Jun; 234(2): 454-460
  • Isma’eel HA, Sakr G, Habib R, Almedawar MM, Zgheib N, Elhajj I, Improved accuracy of anticoagulant dose prediction using a pharmacogenetic and artificial neural network-based method. Eur J Clin Pharmacol, 2014 Mar; 70(3): 265-273.


  • Schwarz PEH, Timpel P§, Harst L, Greaves C, Ali MK, Lambert J, Weber MB, Almedawar MM§, Morawietz, H§. Blood sugar regulation as a key focus for cardiovascular health promotion and prevention – an umbrella review. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2018 Oct 9;72(15):1829-1844. § = Both first and last authors contributed equally to this work
  • Almedawar MM, Walsh JL, Isma’eel HA. Waterpipe smoking and risk of coronary artery disease. Current Opinion in Cardiology. 2016 Sep;31(5):545-50
  • Almedawar MM, Nasreddine L, Olabi A, Hamade H, Awad E, Toufeili I, Arnaout MS, Isma’eel HA. Sodium intake reduction efforts in Lebanon. Cardiovasc Diagn Ther. 2015 Jun; 5(3):219-228


  • Almedawar MM, Isma’eel HA, Nasreddine L, Olabi A, Badr KF, Arnaout MS. An attempt to halt the ever-increasing prevalence of morbidities resulting from excess dietary sodium intake: The Lebanese experience. J Med Liban 2016; 64 (2): 63-64.

Book chapters

  • Almedawar MM, Siow RC, Morawietz H. Chapter 3 MicroRNAs as novel biomarkers in depression, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. In: Depression and Type 2 Diabetes. Ed: Ismail. Oxford university press. (in-press)
  • Jaber, Z., Aouad, P., Al Medawar, M., Bahmad, H., … Kobeissy, F. (2016). Role of Systems Biology in Brain Injury Biomarker Discovery: Neuroproteomics Application. Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), 1462, 157–174.
  • Jaber, Z., Aouad, P., Al Medawar, M., Bahmad, H., …, & Kobeissy, F. (2016). Application of Systems Biology to Neuroproteomics: The Path to Enhanced Theranostics in Traumatic Brain Injury. Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.), 1462, 139–155.