Surviving a Bad Day

From personal experiences, “bad days” result in 90 % of the cases from minor incidents that add up and cause an explosion. Just like a neuron that needs a threshold amount of stimuli to be excited to fire an action potential. In this case, avoiding the explosion is a multistage process.

First, one would have to realize that he or she is having a bad day. Just by acknowledging this fact, the individual would have stepped outside the box and looked at the problem from a wider frame, or a different perspective. Then, go over each incident and try to estimate the impact it has left on your life and decide whether it was really worth all the fuss. eventually, the fury boiling within will drop and a feeling of serenity and internal peace is achieved.

However, we have to acknowledge the fact that none of us is in their complete senses during a wave of rage and fury. Thus it takes practice to reach a level of self-discipline and control.

Practice makes perfect!