Colleagues that I have worked with share some thoughts about the experience working with me on writing projects:

Lorenz Harst
Lorenz Harst M.A., Researcher, Care4Saxony Patrick Diaba-Nuhoho, PhD student, Technische Universität Dresden
I have worked with Mohamad on two consecutive research projects, and both were very successful. I came to find out that he is a very bright and skilled researcher who works very thoroughly and always has a keen eye on the goal. I can only recommend working with him! Moh, as I always call him, is a great teacher – very enthusiastic and passionate about his work. Completes task and assignment timely and is ever ready and willing to take his time to help you through every step. As a colleague, he took time to edit and proofread my writings and the outcome was splendid! I recommend his writing and editing skills.