Yes. Everyone can write. I can prove it to you. Pick up a pen and write your name.

Done? (At this point, you are probably thinking this is a joke, but please bear with me.)

Now write ‘is’ after your name and write one word (possibly with an article before it) that describes your identity.

And? (Not as easy as you thought, right?)

Did you write your nationality? your occupation? your role in the family? a personality trait?

It’s not clear what the assignment was, right?

Well before you write, the goal needs to be clear. At the same time, your ideas or facts should be clear and to the point.

Scientific writing is the same. It is not difficult in itself. It is the thought process behind it that makes the assignment challenging. However, when we have clear ideas and our thoughts are in order, writing becomes a way and not the goal. The goal is to communicate your content to a specific audience.

As a first exercise, try explain where the difficulty in your writing process is. Otherwise, share with me what you enjoy the most about writing!